Ask any watchmaker fake Omega to list the top ten or even the top five watchmakers in history

Ask any watchmaker fake Omega to list the top ten or even the top five watchmakers in history, and it's likely Abraham-Louis Breguet is on that list. Breguet's contribution to watchmaking cannot be overstated. After all, he is the inventor of the tourbillon and has also popularized Breguet-style numbers and hands. And this month, we have a real treat for you, with which we approach not one, but two pocket watches and a watch that were made by Breguet himself in the early 1800s.

As we're on the subject of antiques, we were also introduced to a special safe watch that was made using an ancient medieval safe dating back to the 1800s. Leaving the realm of antiquities, MB&F recently released a brand new Horological watch Machine - the HM6 Space Pirate - and we were there to check out Max Büsser's latest masterpiece. Another high-end piece of watchmaking we've spent a lot of time with is Ulysses Nardin's Freak Cruiser. Although the Freak was introduced about thirteen years ago, its design remains fresh and exciting today.

Finally, we'll find out more about the exciting new watch escapements in development. We also investigate the growing trend of complicated women's watches, and also how the watch industry is engaging with traditional arts to create exciting and artistic new pieces.

1. How a guy made a horrible Urwerk UR-202 to watch Homage

There's a saying that goes "If you can't beat them, join them". In the world of watchmaking, we could tweak it a bit and say, "If you can afford it, do it yourself." This is certainly true in replica watches uk the case of François-Paul Journe, who famously created his own tourbillon watch when he was young, since he thought he couldn't afford one. Following in Journe's footsteps (somewhat), there is a young engineering student named Karel, who fell in love with the Urderk UR-202, but found its astronomical price to be a major obstacle to ownership (Karel, not you are alone in this). And so he decided to do the best: put his engineering skills to good use and create an Urwerk UR-202 homage. The results, as I'm sure you'll agree, are pretty good.